Lola Red Tour

I recently went on an agency tour with UWEC’s PRSSA. We toured the small but colorful agency, Lola Red. With an open and creative area to work in, we sat down with an intern/employee, and came to learn just how this agency works.

Lola Red is a public relations agency that helps companies “break down doors, excite the crowd and move the culture.” But this agency isn’t about saying, it’s about doing. And to do all of these things, I learned about some of the qualities that need to make up Lola Red’s driven employees. For their success to be top notch, they require hustlers who are strategic, enthusiastic, tenacious, authentic, passionate and the list spills on.

I learned about the types of things this agency tackles. They are capable of media relations, franchise development, store openings, social media, etc. One specific thing I found interesting was that certain employees work with pro athletes. They currently work with four NFL players including Minnesota Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph. These athletes have such a large platform and such a large voice throughout society. Lola Red uses their skills to share each athlete’s message of success.

 A vast amount of the tools used are through social media. The Lola Red team works to tailor unique plans that develop each players’ brand on a national level. I couldn’t imagine having the pressure of 200,000 people following me on Twitter. These athletes have the added pressure of having to say everything right, not coming off cocky or rude to the public. We learned that the members of Lola Red set up a calendar of specific tweets for their athletes, especially on holidays. They let them know of good opportunities to respond to a fan or another player’s tweet that could benefit him and engage his fans. They also have access to the athlete’s accounts and delete any tweets that may shed them in a bad light. This builds the brand of these athletes, shows they care about their fans while helping them connect, and also ensures that they have, and keep a positive reputation.

This example is just one of the many things that Lola Red is capable of. Thank you, Lola Red, for teaching me about what it takes to be a good communicator, as well as making me even more excited to pursue my major in Integrated Strategic Communications.



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