Why The Nucleus adds to UWEC

The Nucleus in Eau Claire is a great choice for college students to study and enjoy coffee and crepes. The Cornell Daily Sun discusses crepes and how it adds to their campus’ great food selection. My tweets strategically prove why UWEC is a better option because of The Nucleus’ crepes. My first tweet uses humor through ethos by using a celebrity, Kate Hudson, to show how mouthwatering its crepes are. My second tweet uses logos by being informative to tell the viewers that The Nucleus is only a five-minute walk from UWEC. My third tweet uses humor by using a pun, and it also appeals to emotion by mentioning America, which most people are loyal to. In my last tweet, I retweeted a college student at UWEC, which could be a form of a testimonial to how popular and tasty crepes are at The Nucleus. I believe the most strategic tweet was stating, “Even though they’re technically French crepes… we can still ‘Make America crepe again!’ #thenucleus.” This is effective because it uses humor within a pun, which will grab attention. It also uses a visual of a crepe from The Nucleus, with the colors of red strawberries, white whipped cream, and blue blackberries. College students often claim their love for America, so the mention of America could create a sense of emotional attachment for those who are loyal to their country. Who doesn’t love representing their country by the food they eat?



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