What Snack Advertisers Need to Know

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Based on two organization’s findings, snack food cravings are triggered by conditioned associations. Also, when surveyed, women crave chocolate much more than men. Four UWEC students were interviewed about their views on unhealthy snack foods.

In terms of demographics, all interviewee’s ethnicities and genders varied: one Bangladeshi male, one white male, one European Asian female, and one white female. They also varied in distance to the nearest grocery store, which may help explain their habits of unhealthy snacking. Anne has a fifteen-minute walk and she only tends to consume unhealthy snacks on the weekends. She may try to get her essentials for the week plus a few snacks to save up for the weekend, as she has a longer walk to carry her groceries compared to the others. Shadman is a short five-minute drive, and this may explain why he is often very likely to consume unhealthy snacks when they sound good, as he does when he is having a good time. In his culture, ‘taste’ is important.

In terms of psychographics, only three interviewees highly value their health. Out of those three, only one craved healthy snacks. This was Ryan, who highly values his health, and craves peanuts, apples, and granola bars only when he’s hungry. Anne and Anna claim that they also highly value their health, but the foods that they crave are unhealthy. However, Anna rarely craves these unhealthy snacks as she stated that her mother is a dietician, so she didn’t grow up with access to much junk food. Anna also said that she craves snacks when she is reminded of a happy memory. One of the snacks Anne craves is chocolate, and Anna craves chocolate covered strawberries. For the two females, their gender may play a role in craving chocolate. Also, Anne and Ryan both stated that they link chocolate to women.

Old Dutch should be aware that its chocolate ads should be geared toward women. Also, ads for unhealthy snacks may be beneficial when targeting people who want to have a good time, people who are bored, or people who are in a good mood. It also wouldn’t make sense for them to target people who are simply hungry as there is little correlation between the two variables.


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